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Owen Pelletier

Owen Pelletier is of Plains Cree ancestry from Cowessess First Nation Saskatchewan. He is a loving father of four, as well as a grandfather. Currently residing in Saskatoon Saskatchewan, Owen is a full-time student at the First Nations University of Canada studying for a degree in Indigenous Social Work.

Having been born into abandonment, neglect, abuse and addictions; Owen has struggled with intergenerational traumas for much of his life. Both of Owen’s parents were victims of the residential school and the Sixties Scoop government projects. Placed in the child welfare system at a young age, Owen found himself exposed to racism, rejection, and discrimination. Owen discovered that drugs, alcohol, violence and individuals such as himself were the answers to his circumstances.

His membership and activities with a Regina street gang fueled a lifestyle of crime, violence and general negativity which meant custody as a young offender and eventually incarceration and time served in various Saskatchewan Correctional Centers.

As well as being a full-time entrepreneur, Owen also works for STR8 UP in Saskatoon. By sharing his story through writing and speaking, Owen has decided to use all of his life experiences as tools to help assist those who may be struggling with the same realities that he has survived.

Owen shares his experiences with abandonment, neglect, and abuse. Addictions, violence, and jails were a normal part of his life as a gangster. He also speaks about the child welfare system, racism, and intergenerational traumas.

​Owen entered recovery through addiction counsellors, detox centers, and treatment facilities. As well as sober living, Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, sponsorship and outreach programming. Owen uses his education combined with his lived experience to give back to communities in a healthy way.

With all this experience Owen now shares his story through Professional Speaking Engagements, Healing workshops, Medicine Wheel presentations, and more!


Cheyenne McDonald

Cheyenne McDonald is from Canoe Lake Cree Nation, Saskatchewan which is located on Treaty 10 Territory. Cheyenne is a speaker, an advocate, mentor, presenter, and model. She is a full-time university student at First Nations University studying for her degree in Indigenous social work and Certificate in Reconciliation Studies.

Cheyenne grew up in a household of dysfunction. As a child she endured things that no child should go through or see. She struggled with her identity, abuse, as well as living in poverty. Cheyenne had unresolved trauma and began to fill the voids and numb the pain.

Cheyenne was on a path of destruction that was filled with addictions, gang life, and the streets. Cheyenne lost hope and had no desire to get better. She was struggling with her mental health through these times. She felt as though she was stuck in a broken cycle of hurt and pain.

While incarcerated in 2019, Cheyenne decided she could continue living life the way she knew or she could make the decision to reach out for help. She made the phone call to an organization that worked with gang members wanting to better themselves. Not long after becoming a member of the organization and working extensively on herself, she was out speaking to people sharing her story of hope and resilience. Sharing her story helped to guide her on the journey she is on today. She has been working in the community doing outreach work for the last three years and she is able to connect deeply to those she works with from her own lived experiences.

Cheyenne is passionate about helping others master their own destiny and guiding them to finding what works for them in their recovery. She has many goals she works on daily including graduating from university, expanding her speaking career and keeping herself balanced physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually; all while being a loving and supportive mother and partner.

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