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See what other have to say about Prestigious Pelletier Productions!

~ Natalie L

"Great presentation. Motivating, informative, and interesting."

~ Tane McLachlan

"Every piece of the presentation was amazing. I like that you can use personal stories and experiences to teach others."

~ Brandon Ledoux

"He reminded me that it doesn't matter what your background is, it is never to late to change your life for the better."

~ Stephanie Marg

"It was powerful because it was raw and honest. Thanks for sharing."

~ BB

"Owen is authentic, courageous, and brave. "

~Mark Hick

"Owen has great energy and presentation style. His is genuine and a great story teller!"

~Nydea Machiskinic

"I thought the presentation was beautiful and gave me some insight into Owens life and a new perspective of his struggle and growth."

~Theresa Henricks

"So powerful these messages and talks. His talk was really great and I was so happy to see him doing well. This is one of the reasons this career can be so rewarding"

~Samantha Kinequon

"The guest speaker Owen was amazing and really made me excited for my future!"

~ Kenneth JC Elliott

"Listening to this today made me think about how real this is and how some things can just throw a wrench into the plan we call life. I know holding stuff that hurts you on the inside doesn’t help yourself so it helps to talk to people that want to help and explore ways to fix what you need to do to fix it."

~Khuong Duy Tran

"I was impressed by Owen's story and how he can stand up after many traumas."

~Billie Jo Bobb

"I thought Owens story was very inspirational and that overall nothing can stop one from reaching their goals."

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