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Storytelling Presentation for Youth

Updated: Mar 20

As a professional speaker, it is important to be versatile and adaptable to different crowds and audiences.

Indeed, many of my stories are aimed at a more mature audience; however, I was recently asked if I would be able to come and do some storytelling for 250 grade 5 and 6's in the morning and 250 grade 7 and 8's in the afternoon. This took place in Meadow Lake and the surrounding area. Kopahawakenum School on Flying Dust First Nation was very accommodating and welcoming. The youth were great and asked many questions.

During my presentation, I shared many stories with points and I even gave away some merchandise from our Truth & Reconciliation collection from the Divine Design Clothing Line. I was impressed with the amount of knowledge that these children had about TRC day and why we wear orange on that day. It is an amazing feeling to know that our children are being taught the truth about what happened to our families in the past.

When I began my career as a speaker and storyteller, I would focus on stories that were meaningful to me. However, as time and my speaking career progressed, I have been asked many times to tailor my presentations to meet the needs of my audience. This is great. I love being able to learn new skills and ways to connect with the audience. Before reading and writing, our Elders would educate us through stories.

Overall, the storytelling presentation was a great success and I highly encourage anyone interested in this for their school or group to contact me and see if we can bring this to you.

Thank you to everyone who continues to support our business and help to make our dreams come true. We appreciate you.

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