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Updated: Mar 20

Hello everyone, Tansi. I would like to sincerely thank you for stopping by to check out my website. This website is a dream come true. Hard work, vision and dedication have been greatly rewarded and I am extremely grateful to have a second chance at life and to be on my Sacred Healing Journey.

For those who are not familiar with me, I am a first-generation fallout of the residential school system on my Mothers' side of the family, Cowessess First Nation. As well as a victim of family fracturing from the Sixties Scoop on my Fathers' side of the family, Meadow Lake Saskatchewan. Colonialism contributed to traumas in my life in direct and indirect ways. Foster care, youth group homes, and jails were the path that I was on. I was a member of a Regina Native street gang for over 12 years. I was also lost in addictions for many years because of my unaddressed traumas.

I first entered recovery in 2017. It has been a challenging road with many obstacles, however, I have never given up on my recovery. Reaching out and asking for help has allowed me to grow and heal in the areas that I needed to. Utilizing community support and resources has provided me with a solid foundation to begin my work as a healer and helper. Combining my lived experience with my education makes me a powerhouse in the fields of addiction, gang life, and recovery.

Through my blog, I will be writing about important issues that affect many of us in our daily lives. Including but not limited to colonialism, intergenerational traumas, racism, discrimination, the child welfare system, the justice system, addictions, and gang life. I will also be writing about different healing methods from an Indigenous perspective.

Healing, wellness, and recovery look different for each and every one of us. We are all unique individuals and we must all find our own ways of healing. However, success leaves clues and I look forward to using my education, lived experience, and skills to help make this world a better place. Once again thank you all for your continued support and encouragement and I look forward to connecting with you all. Hiy Hiy

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